This blog has been moved!

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Crisi Camp Ldn has a new website!

we are now on

get all the info about Crisis Camp LDN there!


4th Crisis Camp London – sign up and join in!

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Sign up for Saturday 13th February here:

A video on crisiscampldn

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3rd Crisis Camp London

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It’s Crisis Camp London’s third workshop and volunteers are busy working on a number of projects. The main technical focus is on providing maps that will be more easily accessible to those working in affected areas (using Reliefweb). This means that those working in Haiti will be able to access the relevent geographical information in situations where they may encounter problems using Reliefweb (for example, with low band width connections). The non-techie volunteers have been working on a variety of tasks from translating between French, Creole and English to generating publicity to encourage new volunteers.

Afternoon work continues following a pizza break!

What is crisis camp london?

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Crisis Camp London a a BarCamp style event focussed on the role of technology in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Projects at CrisisCamp Haiti include open mapping, developing applications to aggregate local resource information for relief workers, and developing low-bandwidth applications for use by the relief effort.

It is a part of the Crisis Commons movement. It is taking place in several locations around the world including London.

Crisis Camp London happens every Saturday. Go to eventbrite for details of location and to register:

If you’re already involved and are looking for information on what’s going on, here’s the wiki:

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